Articles & Essays

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Men Aren't Riddles for Women to Solve  (Salon)
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How My #MeToo Essay Triggered an International Criminal Investigation  (Narratively)
My Perfect Pictures and the Pain Behind Them  (Narratively)
Why Women Remain Silent  (The Rumpus)
The Harvest of Bodies  (2018 Pushcart Prize Nomination, Winner of Oregon Literary Arts Award 2018, Hippocampus Magazine)
The Harvest of Bodies  (*audio*, Storytellers Telling Stories Podcast)
Food, Family, and Anorexia  (B*tch Media)
The Authored Self  (2017 Pushcart Prize Nomination, The VIDA Review)
The Pink Room  (an excerpt from I Am Yours, published in Full Grown People)
After Healing Comes Rising  (UNUM)
Resolutions or White Male Privilege  (NAILED)
What I Learned from a Year Without Sex  (YourTango)
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