Working with Reema

I'm a voice strategist.


I work one-on-one with clients on strategic development to transform their personal story into a successful speaking career or multi-platform career as a leader or artist of some kind. My current clients are authors working on a memoir, the founders of non-profits and businesses, the heads of academic or corporate departments, and writers looking to scale and leverage their voice into other areas such as public speaking, non-profit work, or the film industry, to become an impactful voice in a fast-paced, crowded marketplace.

How it works:

You will tell me your story. Drawing on my training and experience as an actress, author, director, playwright, screenwriter, and public speaker, I will teach you how to powerfully and deliberately articulate, script, arc, pitch, perform, market, and scale your story as a speaking portfolio or a full-length memoir so that no one else will be able to do what you do. You'll end up competing only with yourself.

As my work is one-on-one, I cap my clients at 10 a year, and I reserve the right to be selective. I can serve you best only if we are a great fit.

My two ways of working:

1hr phone-call, without any prior homework for either of us leading up to the call: $150. Subsequent hour-long sessions are $250.

3hr in-person session, with in-depth prep for both of us leading up to the session: $450. Subsequent hour-long sessions are $250.

I also do manuscript consultations at $500 per 50 pages at 12-font size. 

Contact me here.