Read for Resilience

In collaboration with the Oregon Board of Education and the North Clackamas School District, I founded and lead a teen mentorship program called Read for Resilience. Read for Resilience was inspired by the tremendous positive response from students who have read I Am Yours in their English classes and have been eager to scale and continue the energy and teachings sparked through our connection. Read for Resilience is designed as a book club that gathers bimonthly to discuss an empowering book, followed by journaling exercises to deepen self-awareness, self-esteem, and call-to-purpose. After every book club meeting, the students participate in community service activities that honor the lessons found in each book, to extend our learning off the page and into the world, and we conclude our evening with a family meal. Read for Resilience helps young people develop a love for reading, writing, self-reflection, service, and community: the foundation for a fulfilled and successful life.