November 24, 2017

Age 28, taken on Rockaway Beach, around 2am.

Gratitude has extraordinary power. I feel it’s the emotion that distinguishes human beings from other animals. Insofar, perhaps our capacity for gratitude is the definition of being human. It is said that gratitude has the strength to evict anger, that anger and thankfulness cannot exist in the same space simultaneousl...

November 17, 2017

Age 4, taken around the time I invented an imaginary best friend. I named her, “Love”.

Love appeared one night as I was falling asleep. That night I was awake when I felt something move by the window. There on the sill was Love. Watching.

She said, "I am here. I love you. I am yours."

So began our friendship. She had arrived to deliver comfort, wisdom, protection...

November 9, 2017

Age 27, taken while I was still with my ex-husband.

Ours was a cruel love.

A picture holds a thousands words. Equally true is we see in others only what we wish to see, filtered through the beliefs we project.

You may see a lovely, young girl. I see a woman drowning in the slipstream of her husband’s shadow.

He used to call them “sister-wives”. He’d say, “Baby, it’s f...

November 2, 2017

Age 18, Bangkok, taken during the time I was being stalked by my high school Psychology teacher.

He would send me three-page long letters, written entirely in red ink. Every word was capitalized, his handwriting so uniformly erect that it seemed like font. He figured out my class schedule, and would wait until I was in Biology, Physics, Calculus to call me on the c...

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