December 29, 2017

Age 29, taken while I was dating a man who, while dating me, had a harem of other women.

Here's the catch: I knew. Still, I let myself be with him.

At 29, I hadn't done the work yet to understand and heal my past. All I knew was that for reasons unclear to my eyes, I had a penchant for filling myself with pain, starvation, anorexia, while surrounding myself with peo...

December 22, 2017

Age 23, a headshot taken soon after I had been raped.

Being an actress is a strange existence. We’re trained to speak beautifully, but only, the words assigned to us by others. Through it all we’re studied. Scrutinized. Photographed. Directed. Sculpted. Polished until shining. Dare we not shine or speak or behave precisely the way expected and desired, we are bidde...

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