Reema Zaman is an award-winning writer, speaker, actress, screenwriter, and author of the critically acclaimed memoir I AM YOURS, and the forthcoming dystopian novel, PARAMITA. I Am Yours has been adopted into the curriculum of several high schools through an Innovation Grant from the Oregon Department of Education, and is being adapted into a movie. Reema is also the creator and writer of the TV show SNAP. The New York Times states that "Zaman writes beautifully of the pain and frustration of being a woman in a man's world, an immigrant in a world suspicious of outsiders." 

For media appearances, Reema is best known for her interview on Dear Sugars with Cheryl Strayed, her interview, Speaking as a Revolution, on Layla's incredible podcast (where we discuss Paramita), her interview on VICE News' Strongman, and her TEDxTalk, "The power of your no and the authority of your yes," 

As noted by Forbes magazine, Reema's life and career have been "A fabulous trajectory of powerful transformation." Reema’s work has appeared in Vogue, Ms. Magazine, The Guardian, Salon, and other leading outlets. A "spellbinding performer of exceptional presence," Reema is a renowned speaker and has been performing worldwide since she was six years old. She was the 2018 Oregon Literary Arts’ Writer of Color Fellow and is currently partnering with the International Rescue Committee and Girls Inc. to serve crucial causes and empower the next generation of leaders. Reema is credited with coining the term "immigrant abuse" and has joined forces with the nation's leading advocacy organizations to advocate for change in policies that impact immigrants and survivors of abuse.


Born in Bangladesh and raised in Thailand, Reema graduated with degrees in Theater and Women's Studies from Skidmore College, and currently lives in Portland, Oregon, with her rescue chihuahua, Fia the Fierce.


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I Am Yours is the story of Reema's unwavering fight to protect and free her voice from those that sought to silence her. Beginning in Bangladesh, moving into Thailand, then New York, and finally, Oregon, I Am Yours is an iconic, definitive book on the female, the human, condition. In impossibly gorgeous prose that is at once beautiful and biting, poetic and political, haunting and healing, Reema's personal narrative acts as an uncannily perfect backdrop to ask and answer our most pressing universal questions: Why do we wound each other and ourselves? Why do we oppress and overpower when, beneath pigment, all flesh are the same color? And, in this rapidly changing world, what is authentic integrity, kindness, and equality, and how do we put them into practice, amidst genders, amidst family, amidst one another?

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